Falla 0-day multi-piattaforma colpisce i maggiori browser

Cari utenti Mac, il phishing sembra riguardare anche voi! I maggiori browser saranno aggiornati nelle prossime settimane al fine di bloccare un nuovo tipo di malware che sfrutta una falla multi piattaforma. Tale exploit potrebbe permettere a dei malintenzionati di attaccare Mac, PC, piattaforme mobile ed anche

Saferbytes x86 memory bootkit: new updated build is out

Some months ago we wrote a blog post about physical memory limits in all Microsoft Windows 32 bit builds along with a test application able to install a bootkit in the system. This bootkit enables the operating system to exploit all available memory above 4 GB (up

Common preventive and reactive approaches to mitigate exploit attacks

Drive-by attacks caused by known and unknown exploits are one of the biggest and most worrying issues in the security industry. Today a relevant number of security incidents are caused by malware infections often dropped on the system by specific exploits targetting browsers, browser plugins like Adobe

UEFI technology: say hello to the Windows 8 bootkit!

In this article we are going to analyze the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, from both a technical and security perspective. We will also take a brief look at the new Windows 8 EFI Kernel, we’ll discover many new interesting feature Microsoft implemented in it. In the beginning

Wirenet: the password stealing trojan lands on Linux and OS X

No matter what people think about it, the increasing exposure of Linux and OS X to malicious code is strictly related to the worldwide exposure of those operating systems on desktops and laptops. In the last couple of years, more and more home users decided to switch to