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Wirenet: the password stealing trojan lands on Linux and OS X

No matter what people think about it, the increasing exposure of Linux and OS X to malicious code is strictly related to the worldwide exposure of those operating systems on desktops and laptops. In the last couple of years, more and more home users decided to switch to

x86 4GB memory limit from a technical perspective

In this post I’d like to talk about the x86 memory restriction in Windows. As you may already know, every 32bit build of Windows operating system can’t handle more than 4GB of memory and part of it is already used by the operating system to map hardware

Sinowal: MBR rootkit never dies! (and it always brings some new clever features)

In this short analysis paper I want to give a technical overview about one of the latest MBR rootkit updates. The sample which is going to be analyzed is dated April 2012. Bootkit Loader The bootkit part of this rootkit remain almost the same as the one