Rilasciata oggi la nuova versione di Prevx. Ci sono notevoli cambi e migliorie, tra cui – finalmente – la traduzione in italiano.

Questo il changelog:

– New Fast Scan on installation replacing previous scanner
– Support for additional languages; French, German, Italian and Spanish
– Improved event control to optimise agent communications
– Updated driver with improved compatability and performance
– Licensing issue resolved (Will require you to reenter your license key one more time)
– Limited user accounts can now run the On Demand scanner
– Implementation changes for the support of Vista
– Authenticated proxy services now runs with the updater
– Implemented support for HTA file detection
– Implemented support for Javascript detection
– Implemented support for 16-bit DOS execution detection and protection
– Implemented support for archive detection and protection
– Implemented support for the driver API to obtain process list in one step
– Improved Windows 2000 suppprt
– Implemented Prevx1 Scanner onto
– Improved the HIPS functionality of Expert mode for system testing