Prevx Limited a leading provider of automated malware research, today announced a new technology which will enable antivirus, antispyware and network intrusion vendors to significantly increase their ability and speed when creating malware signatures by automatically analyzing, classifying and determining suspicious code samples much faster and more comprehensively than conventional research and lab test methodologies.


Code named “M-Ai,” for Malware Artificial Intelligence, the new technology is capable of analyzing suspicious software samples at very high speed. M-Ai employs a code decryption engine to examine executable code and identify attributes or behaviors that can be automatically used to determine malicious intent. M-Ai can identify virtually any type of behavior without having to physically execute the program in a real, virtual or sandbox environment. The code decryption engine already detects a large number of behaviors captured by the company’s Prevx1 agent.

Sto usando questa tecnologia da alcune settimane – piu o meno da quando sono entrato – e devo dire che funziona realmente bene 😉

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